more. More chickens. And more on chickens.

Lots of family came to visit this past weekend. Kai and Ted got to ride and Bacon got to spend cuddle time with my brother in law Johnny. The puppies were a hit. Doo was a smashing success as a show off rooster. Fun was had by all.

I have 2 new white leghorn hens named scuzzy and mad dog. Also I got a white silky hen named wuzzy and a white silky rooster named fuzzy. They gave us our first 2 farm eggs yesterday.

I also brought home some new chicks. 16 total of varying breeds to ensure color and variety. I have a few sample pics.



The second pic shows what he will look like as an adult and who he will resemble as an adult. His or her name is Larry.



This is Moe the chick. And a picture or what he or she will look like when grown up.



Finally, this is Curly. curly and moe are the same breed just different colors. They are called naked neck chickens. There are numerous other breeds but these stand out as favorites. Along with buff orpingtons and Rhode Island reds. I’ll see what else I like once they are grown.

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