My rooster thinks he’s a dog.

It’s been a crazy weekend here in our house. Lots of turmoil and a mandated break from common technology for everyone in the house. Hope I haven’t let too many people down but at times like this family comes first. Just steeling some time away to post this on my IPAD. Well on to the fun part of the weekend.


Doo is the coolest rooster in the world. Johnnie Daniels’ Epsom salts have doo all kinds of mobile. He follows us up on the porch and dashes into the house whenever we open the door. He likes to sit in the middle of the floor and watch tv and LOVES to jump up in HIS chair.


His other doglike behavior that I just noticed is that he likes to exhibit is that he likes to hang around close by when I grill. You would think he would high tail it at the first wiff of barbecue. But, no, this chicken wants his fair Share. I love my animals.

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