Naming often becomes very significant the bigger you are here at SEEMEE Farm.

Two new horses have come home to live at our farm.  And some serious thought went into naming them.  Just as my other acquisitions.  Kai came with her name but it too proved to come with Native American roots that fit her personality.  Chaka I researche and found his native name and now Attah and NiNi.

Kai                             Kai       Hawaiian       Sea                Mustang   Mare
Navajo           Willow Tree
Chankawahtaneh   Chaka  Sioux.            Good Road  Apaloosa  Gelding
Ahtahkakoop           Attah  Cree               Star Blanket Leopard App Mare
Nûñnë’hï                   NiNi   Cherokee      Walker.          TWH        Mare      .                                                                      Spirit People

Seems complex but it works in MY head.  Attah is a sickly girl and is going to require a lot of love, attention, and care to save.  I met with the vet several times before I brought her home.  This is a challenge I want to face.  I want to make her my special girl.  She will be my star blanket when the nights are hard.

image image

She is such a sweet girl.  Slow moving and loves the little guys.  Sweet as a flower.

Next we have the mighty NINi.  She is Proud and strong and graceful… And yet… Somehow just as sweet.  She loves human touch.  She is eager to please and follows a guiding hand.  Loves…and I mean LOVES  to ape for the camera.  A real selfie girl is she.


image image

NiNi is a high stepping showgirl with a proud and beautiful bearing. Gaited and smart I hope she will be willing to work with me through my riding lessons and attempts at become a better rider for ALL of my horses.

So join me and welcoming these to members of the family to the farm.



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