Textile Addition on the Farm

Yup.  Another addition.  One I agreed to take on several months ago from my neighbor James Emerson whenever he was ready for her to go.  Then he appeared on my doorstep today.   So now she is here in all her glory. James assured Mary that she could take a look at her and if she didn’t like her we could eat her.  Mary assured him if she took a look at her we would NOT BE EATING HER.  and, as she has looked at her AND she likes her, we will not be eating her and she will be staying.


I decided to call her Spandex.  Since our male is Speck (turns out that’s  German for bacon. Not intentional on my part for sure. I was going for Pee Wee Herman’s Dog).  Together, they are Speck and Spandex.  Besides, look at her. She got a hot piggy body.

Spandex is also very friendly.  Loves to snuffle toes.  And even likes being pet a lot.  My kind of addition.

God blesses SEE ME Farm again.

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