Thank God I’m a country boy… Sort of.


I know. It’s not a pick up and it’s not a hay wagon but this picture of mi Chevy venture minivan (nicknamed truckasaurus van or black beauty by Nyoka) makes me proud. This old girl has hauled hay, cement, wood, groceries, goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, miniature donkeys, toys, trash, children, Amish, English, oh just about everything. Parking it next to my local corner market makes feel even better. I’ll always like this picture. I haven’t tried to haul a hose in her yet but after I unloaded the bails of hay from her, my mustang Kai was head and front hooves in the back end after the leftover hay when I came out of the barn.


This is my Sphynx cat, Isis. She is in no way associated with the terrorist organization of the same name. She does however like graham crackers. I did not know this until I had the opportunity to take this picture. As strange as it is to see in the picture it is stranger that’ve this critter in your kitchen.


It’s hard to believe that the price of gas was pushing 4.00 a gallon last year. This is what I was filling up at today this after noon. I would have got a final shot but the guy behind me was very impatient so I went on with out that final click.


As u know, I sometimes post things just for the sake of posting them because they humor me. This was just such a thing.

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